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Redefining Instant PvP

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Truly have a lot to offer!

Hyper-WoW are preparing their Instant 80 PvP Realm for the Arena Elites offering features like Instant 80 with custom rewarding systems /* Ilvl 264 Meta */ /* Arena Spectator */ Transmogrification / 1vs1 Rated Arena / 3vs3 Solo Queue / Pick a Spec NPC / Custom PvP Zones with Hourly PvP Chest Events / Dynamic BG Queue System / Transmog from Inventory, Item-ID or Arena-Rating / Custom Mounts / Arena-Cases / Bronze, Silver, Gold and Legendary Arena Chests / Phased Dueling / Visual Tabards, Shirt Race Morphs, Fully Working Pet-AI (returning to stay position) / Advanced Anticheat and More!

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